Time to Check Your Email Signature

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Did you know SoHE has email signature standards? You bet!

The primary purpose of a standard signature block is to provide a professional, clear and consistent set of information to the reader (doesn’t it drive you nuts to get an email signed “Bob”?  I know a Bob who works at the Law School but I think his office is in Bascom….)

Please take a few moments and double check your email signature includes the information below 

TEMPLATE – order of information

First Name – Last Name
Title | Department
School of Human Ecology | UW-Madison (or University of Wisconsin-Madison)
(Office number) Nancy Nicholas Hall (please be sure to include this info) | 1300 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706 | your phone number
Optional: link to your web profile, research website or other information

For those colleagues who have multiple affiliations, titles – – see this example

Sigan L. Hartley, PhD
100 Women Chair in Human Ecology
Associate Professor|Human Development and Family Studies | School of Human Ecology
Waisman Center Investigator|UW-Madison
4101 Nancy Nicholas Hall|1300 Linden Dr, Madison, WI 53706
(608) 265-5424|slhartley@wisc.edu

A few tips:

  • Less is more:   E-mail signatures should not be longer than 10 lines of at all possible, so  go wider rather than longer, and use pipes (|) to separate components. Use two spaces between content and pipe.
  • Fonts:  Use a simple 12-point standard font (preferred) or your e-mail client’s default font. Non-standard typefaces and HTML may not translate well across e-mail clients.
  • Rich text formatting: Use plain text so that the signature is compatible with all e-mail clients and devices. Avoid colors, special fonts, bold, italics, and graphics.


Contact T3@mail.sohe.wisc.edu if you need help setting up your signature block, we’d love to come to you!

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