Yoga@SoHE: A Dream Come True

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Blog by: David Metler, EcoWell Director


All SoHE staff and students are invited to the EcoWell Studio Yoga@SoHE happening on Friday 1:30—2:30pm all summer (6/27, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, and 8/7) in Room 2235 of Nancy Nicholas Hall.

Join us and bring a friend! The suggested donation for each drop-in session is ONLY $5 for SoHE members and $8 for campus/community members. Whether you are a novice or a regular yogi, be sure to try out this series at least once this summer. Bring your own mat or use one of the class mats.

The Instructor

Tiffany Jo, has a long history of teaching yoga in Madison. She leads her practices so that each session of Yoga@SoHE is amiable to all-levels and uniquely designed around an element of nature.

Yoga@SoHE So Far

The first weeks of the summer series of Yoga@SoHE welcomed more than 75 participants total that represent a diverse group—20+ different disciplines on campus and faculty, staff, alumni, students, and community members. Of those, 17 have been SoHE members who love having a Yoga@SoHE practice.

The first two weeks of the series focused on the element of earth, grounded the participants into their bodies. The first week of the series specifically grounded yoga within a contemplative context so that participants could grasp the ecology of yoga within its larger contemplative practices family.

The second week of the series provided reflection on the timing context for Yoga@SoHE, exploring how our yoga fits into the recent popularity of the practice in the west and the rapidly escalating research on contemplative practices over the past 15 years.

The third and fourth weeks focused on the element of water and had the SoHE community riding the wave of their breath! The third week of the series provided a context of space for our Yoga@SoHE series that has for this first time brought the practice of yoga into the beautifully mindful space of the School of Human Ecology. The group contemplated about SoHE’s unique position on campus in becoming a hub for contemplative scholarship, with an overview of the contemplative scholars in our school and on the larger UW-Madison campus, like Richard Davidson at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. Hosting the Dalai Lama visiting UW-Madison over 10 times is a sign that the campus is becoming an epicenter for contemplative scholarship and practice, and SoHE is an integral part of the heart of this contemplative leadership! (See other attachment for visual to place here)

The fourth week of the series led participants to contemplate on an article titled Wellness as Fairness by Prilleltensky (2012). This article placed wellness within a social justice context to highlight the interplay between well-being and justice. The group meditated on 2 questions: (1) how is my yoga practice connected to justice, and, (2) how can our community support well-being initiatives that are just?

The fifth and sixth week of the series will focus on the element of fire and finding the fire within! The fifth week of the series will continue to provide context for Yoga@SoHE in a personal well-being and justice framework and feature fascinating scholarship from top contemplative scholars. JOIN US TOMORROW at 1:30pm in Room 2235 SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE YOGA@SoHE!

More about Yoga@SoHE

This wellness series is the first of many opportunities for enhanced personal and community well-being within SoHE that uniquely intertwines scholarship with contemplative social change practices offered through EcoWell @SoHE. Yoga, meditation, and other courses and events that uniquely intertwine cutting-edge scholarship into contemplative social change practices are already being planned for the fall and spring semesters. EcoWell@SoHE is making visible Dean Shim’s vision for SoHE to become a leading intentional and inclusive well-being community on the UW-Madison campus by intertwining scholarship with well-being and social justice initiatives to maximize the agency of the SoHE community to “transform the human experience”.

For more information please email EcoWell Director David Metler.

About SoHE’s EcoWell Initiative

SoHE’s Eco Well Initiative is working to strategically enhance SoHE well-being in three areas: research, teaching, and engagement. In terms of research, SoHE is fortunate to have added three big-name contemplative scholars to SoHE’s faculty in the past year, including Charles Raison, Larissa Duncan, and Rob Nix, while already being fortunate to have leading contemplative scholar Julie Poehlmann-Tynan. In the area of teaching, SoHE is supporting a groundbreaking school-wide initiative for undergraduates called the Belonging, Purpose, and the Ecology of Human Happiness Course (Inter-HE 201) or simply EcoYou, which is being offered for the first time this fall. And finally, for inclusive school-wide (and campus-wide) engagement the school has hired SoHE PhD student David Metler as the Director of the EcoWell coordination of well-being and social justice initiatives at SoHE overall. David also represents SoHE on the UWell Partnership Council, (UWell being UW-Madison’s overall wellbeing initiative for the campus), and UWell leaders have committed to focusing on SoHE as a prototype well-being community to demonstrate well-being and social justice leadership on the UW-Madison campus.



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