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Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250)
By Students Elizabeth Wanzer, Benjamin Wanke, McKenna Wall, Jordan Vanden Wymelenberg, Taylor Turk, Katharine Torchio, Zachary Thiede, Katie Steib, Clara Stedman, Ian Sprosty, Ryan Soohoo

Target Team & Retail Symposium Students

Retail Symposium Students and Target Team

SoHE welcomed Maryam Becker (Senior Campus Recruiter), Andrea Herrald (Senior Campus Recruiter), and Kristin Tilleson (Executive Team Leader) from Target to the Retail Leadership Symposium class on February 1, 2017.  Our students were able to discuss with the Target team how vital it is to work somewhere you love. Target stands true to their core beliefs. Below are their values that they want every customer and employee to know along with a glance at how Target is using social media to grow their business!

Target has recently implemented chip card technology into their stores! In addition, Target is adding unique lines to their company. For example, look to their innovative children’s style line, Cat & Jack! Target interacted with hundreds of kids so they could pick out what styles personally spoke to them and included them in the line! It’s for the kids, by the kids!

Target is all about making their employees and customers feel like themselves! Specifically for employees, Target focuses on making every single one of their team members feel as if they are working at home. They recognize that employees who are happy at work will have improved performance and thus help improve Target overall! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Target LogoGrowth
Target wants perspective employees to know that with Target, you will not only grow with the company but you accomplish personal growth as well! With their in-store and corporate internships, interns work directly with supervisors within the company to gain important experience early in their career.

Target provides excellent leaders who want to help their interns and employees succeed. These leaders care about you in work AND outside of work! The training programs in both Target stores and the corporate office are top of the line in creating productive, insightful, and well-rounded professional employees with the knowledge and skills to be successful.

People love to work at companies that allow them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Target allows that to happen! They are continuously giving back to the community and are a community based on well-being by making sure people are fed properly and treated well.   Target recognizes that the relationship between their store and their community is a mutually beneficial one. By giving back to the community, Target is able to show that they are dedicated to the well-being of everyone. This helps the community feel pride in their own neighborhoods and helps Target build a strong relationship with their customer.

Moving Forward
As the state of retail continues to shift with new advancements in technology, it is becoming ever more important to be able to shift with the industry in order to stay relevant. One of the fastest growing ways to reach customers is through social media and Target is looking to expand considerably through it’s use. For examplsocial media iconse, during Thanksgiving of last year, Target partnered with Snapchat to release a special filter advertising for Target through the Snapchat platform. This helps increase customer awareness for their products as well as offering a fun and enjoyable activity for their customers. This is but one example of the various social media strategies that Target is beginning to employ in order to continue to grow and be successful! Over the next several years we can expect Target to continue to grow across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat as well as to improve their own in-store app, Cartwheel!

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