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The Consumer Science Department in the School of Human Ecology, with generous funding from the UW Credit Union, has launched a “Financial Life Skills” Course for UW-Madison freshmen and sophomores, enrollment for spring semester is underway now.

The goal is to give students an understanding of key financial issues and opportunities facing them as they begin their education and to provide them with actionable steps to put their financial lives on solid ground for the future. Here’s what students had to say about the course:

“It is really helpful because it covers financial stuff that your parents have most likely taken care of for you in the past, but you will need to do in your future.”

Gives a lot of important life financial info that you wouldn’t get in a normal econ or finance class.”

A class that teaches basic life and financial skills applicable to anyone.”

This one-credit course is a blend of highly interactive online sessions and in-class small group applications led by peer educators.  Course content includes:

  • Empowerment
  • Emotions and Money
  • Transitioning to College
  • Spending Plans/Budgeting
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Saving
  • Credit Basics
  • Credit Cards/Student Loans
  • Risk/Insurance
  • Identity Theft/Fraud
  • Housing-Leases
  • Vehicles
  • Taxes
  • Capstone-Looking Ahead

CS 501: Financial Life Skills – LEC 003 and LEC 004

To enroll go to MyUW Course Guide tab and search for “financial life.” Freshmen/sophomores should select Lec 003 or Lec 004.

For more information contact SAA at or call (608) 262-2608


  • Joe Fisher says:

    Is the above class only for freshman and sophmores? I would think this would be an excellent class for a junior or senior getting ready to head out into the world and manage their own finances.

    • Cathy Jackson says:

      Thanks for the comment – our thoughts exactly! Hence, there will be a CS501 in Spring 2015, for graduating juniors and seniors as they are getting ready to go out into the real world. So, please consider registering for the class!

  • Sam Brennan says:

    If I am enrolled to start school this fall 2015 will this class be available in Spring 2016?

    Thank you!

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