Visual Communications: Public Monitors in Nancy Nicholas Hall

Nancy Nicholas Front

Digital Display in SoHE:  Purpose and Best Practices

The purpose of the five display monitors in Nancy Nicholas Hall is to create a sense of shared community through thoughtful, clear and compelling information and visual stories. Each of the monitors are strategically positioned to engage or inform a key audience.

Considering the breadth of audiences and individuals who visit, work or learn in our spaces, it is important to tailor content accordingly. All monitors [save the Robin’s Nest] are connected to a central scheduling system for daily meetings and events notice. Posting should relate directly to SoHE students, faculty, and activities happening within the building and not serve as promotional space for outside organizations.

Accessibility Requirements

Please ensure slides and material posted to any of these display monitors meet ADA compliance standards meaning:

Text should be visible at a reasonable distance from the sign

  • For horizontal screens, images must be 1920×1080 in PPT, PNG or JPG file formats. Laying out designs in PowerPoint is an easy way to create your sign.
  • Use text colors that have high contrast with the background color.
  • Keep your font sizes large, especially for your main messages. To check size, create a test screen with lines of different font sizes and have people view the screen at the farthest practical distance. Remember that people may view the screen as they pass by.

Tips and guidelines for your slides and message:

  • Keep it simple and be concise – don’t list the whole web address (no one is going to type it in from your slide, let’s be honest)
  • Write in phrases rather than full sentences – people are glancing at the screens
  • High quality images are key [if it looks blurry on your computer, it will look blurry on a larger screen]
    • NOTE > Ruth Davis Design Gallery exhibition slides are great example of powerful images and minimal – and clear – content!
  • ALWAYS have a schedule for when the slide should be up and when it should come down – there is nothing worse than out of date information

Nancy Nicholas Hall monitors: Locations and content owners

Jumbo screen in the Link [owner: Communications Team – contact ]

  • Most visible, high value/impact display space
  • Curated to support SoHE communications and advancement objectives
  • Visible from second floor and first floor
  • Directly connects to the monitor in the public lobby in the garage

Two monitors in room 4285, the Centers area – horizontal orientation [owner: Centers  -contact Andrea Plassman ]

  • Visible to guests using the conference room and reception/waiting area

Vertical monitor in the Link, proximate to Student Academic Affairs [owner: SAA – contact Allison Murray ]

  • Visible from the link facing east
  • Content typically related to Undergrad students – internship info, etc.

Monitor in Robin’s Nest area, second floor [owner: Communications Team – contact ]

  • Visible to guests in the café area
  • High traffic intersection from east to west on second floor

Questions? Need help creating a slide?

Please contact the Communications Team via and allow for 10 business days. Email must include all relevant information and any pre-designed images along with the start date and duration you wish the announcement to be posted. We reserve the right to reformat or redesign any requests.

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