UW-Madison professor receives national attention for connecting human well-being with civic engagement

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor in Civil Society and Community Studies Constance Flanagan has been named the 2015 Blanche F. Ittleson award winner from the American Orthopsychiatric Association (AOA) for her work on civic engagement, social justice and mental health. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in the delivery of children’s services and the promotion of children’s mental health.

Flanagan, a developmental psychologist in the School of Human Ecology, focuses her research on adolescents’ theories of the social contract—their views of the rights and responsibilities that bind members of a society together.  Her recent book, “Teenage Citizens: The Political Theories of the Young,” published by Harvard University Press received the 2014 award for Best Authored Book by the Society on Research for Adolescents.

“I am honored to have been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Blanche F. Ittleson Award,” stated Flanagan. “The AOA award recognizes distinguished contributions to mental health and social justice.  I am especially pleased that the committee saw the links between civic engagement and action and human well-being. These are themes at the core of our work in the School of Human Ecology. “

This award was established by the AOA in honor of Blanche F. Ittleson, a pioneer in the treatment and vocational training of individuals with developmental disabilities and emotional disturbances.

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