Using The EMS Room Reservation System

Click on the Reserve a Room using EMS link on the Room Resrervations Webpage, or go to]

Log in with your campus NETID and password.

To reserve a room in the system, select “Reserve a conference room” in the “Reservations” menu at the top of the page. If you do not see this link, then you do not have access to reserve rooms in SoHE. If you are a full time SoHE faculty or staff member, contact to request access. Even if you can’t reserve rooms, you can still use Browse menu to “View Events” to view existing Reservations.

If you were able to slect Reserve a conference room, then a new window will pop up. In this window  specify the date, time, and expected maximum attendance for your event click “Find Space”. All Nancy Nicholas Hall rooms of the correct size will appear in a window, along with any events scheduled in those rooms. If a room is available, then click the green cross next to the room you want and click the “Agree” button to continue. A new window will appear. Enter an event name for your meeting, this is the name that will appear in the building schedule of events, so pick a name that people attending your event will recognize.

Under group, click on the drop-down to select your group. If nothing appears in the drop down, (which often happens for first time users) click the magnifying glass to the left of the drop down and click the green cross next to a group that matches (select “other” if none of the groups makes sense). That will add the group to your download from then on, and you can now select that group in the download. Enter your contact information, and agree to the terms and conditions and you are done.


Other than that, the person reserving the room is responsible for making sure that any room is clean and the furniture is put back in place after any event.