Think creatively. Solve professionally. Act compassionately.

There are few organizations around the country, if not the world, as strategically focused on issues that impact individuals, families and communities as the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each day at SoHE, more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students work with our world-class faculty to pilot new ideas and ignite the creative process with empathy and integrity. Presenting our programs, research and creative scholarship in an easily searchable digital platform is critical to ensuring users quickly find valuable resources or become inspired to explore and visit our site again and again. The visual design intentionally departs from traditional higher education sites because the SoHE does not follow a common path – we broke new ground to demonstrate to the SoHE’s fresh approach to collaboration whereby designers, scientists, economists, and humanists work together as an orchestrated, interdisciplinary team. Within our new site we have created a digital experience where students are encouraged to directly contribute content through blogs, employers are invited to “inspire and hire” and the latest research or exhibition is just a few clicks away. The site was created using responsive design, making it friendly to all mobile platforms. Whether the impacts are the result of collaboration or individual inspiration, everywhere you turn SoHE is exploring ideas and making real contributions that enhance families, communities and economic wellbeing. Thank you for visiting.

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