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Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250)
By Students Meghan Clemens, Griffin Claes, Audrey Chuah, Sammi Cheng, Eric Cero, and Lizzie Carollo

The School of Human Ecology welcomed Lee Culpepper, the Vice President of Public Affairs, from Walmart to the Retail Leadership Symposium class on April 19, 2017.  Mr. Culpepper has 30 years of political and public relations experience, and has been with Walmart for over 12 years. Today, Walmart stands as the the largest retailer in the world, playing a role in the lives of over 260 million consumers globally. Committed to giving back and becoming the world’s most trusted retailer, Walmart has launched many corporate responsibility projects and below are some of the highlights:

Project Gigaton
Walmart recently announced a new sustainability platform called Project Gigaton, inviting suppliers to join them in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations and supply chains. This initiative aims to slash one gigaton of emissions by 2030. This will be no easy feat as it is the equivalent of taking over 211 million vehicles off the roads in the US for a year. Walmart has partnered with World Wildlife Fund and Environmental Defense fund to join forces in succeeding with this initiative by aiding them in getting their suppliers on board with this cause.

Fight Hunger. Spark Change
Fight Hunger. Spark Change. is a campaign Walmart recently started that encourages people to come together and fight hunger. Along with Discover, there are five suppliers (Campbell Soup Company, General Mills, Kellogg Company, The Kraft Heinz Company, and PepsiCo) that are participating in this campaign. Below are three easy ways where YOU can help fight hunger!

  1. Purchase products from the participating suppliers. The supplier will donate the equivalent of one meal ($0.09) to Feeding America.
  2. #FightHunger use this hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat and Walmart will donate the equivalent of 10 meals ($0.90) to Feeding America. Our class alone donated over 500 meals by sharing this message with our social networks.
  3. Donate at the register in Walmart during checkout to your local Feeding America food bank.

Back to Communities
Walmart also utilizes its strengths to serve local communities in many ways beyond it’s retail mission. Here are just a few highlights:

  • $1.4 billion in global giving in FY 16
  • 4 billion meals to fight hunger by 2020
  • $100 million to create economic mobility within and beyond retail

Thank you again to Mr. Culpepper for sharing such valuable insight into the number one retailer and supporter of communities worldwide. To learn more about Walmart’s giving initiatives, click here.

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