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Tesla Global Consumerism presentation

This fall 2016 semester, students in the Global Consumer course (CNSR SCI 562) participated in unique learning opportunities and gained skills they will be able to utilize in their future careers.

Class presentation photo Global Consumerism

UW International students shared information on consumerism in their home country of India.

During the course of the semester, students heard directly from UW international students as they discussed consumerism in their native countries. Student visitors from South Korea, China, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, and India presented, thanks to coordination help fromUW’s International Student Services and the International REACH Program.

Students practicing writing queries

Students practice writing queries for Infegy





Learning Infegy, Using Adobe

In various labs and workshops, Global Consumerism students were trained on query writing and how to use the social listening software, Infegy.  For a class project, students utilized Infegy to research and understand the consumerism of a specific brand or product category in another country and compared the findings to consumerism in the USA.  Then students had the opportunity to submit their work to Infegy to earn badges that certify their skills as basic or master level.

 infegy-logo              adobe-logo

After a workshop with Adobe, the students utilized Spark, an Adobe product to create their project presentations. Spark enables students to create a dynamic visual website. Students are able to share the Spark link on their LinkedIn profile to build their portfolio of work.

For this project, the 60 students were divided into 18 groups.  The groups shared with their classmates a detailed presentation of their research utilizing Adobe Spark as their visual tool.  There was a variety of brands and product categories chosen by the students to research.
Brands researched were: Nike, Sephora, Christian Dior, Under Armour, Tesla, Starbucks, Adidas, Polaris, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Burberry & Uniqlo
Product categories researched were: celebrity endorsed footwear, athletic wear, driverless cars, cigarettes, fashion sneakers, fitness trends, whiskey, and snowmobiles.

On the last day of class, in an open public presentation, the students condensed their overall presentation to just one minute to provide a brief overview along with utilizing a visual poster.  Students from the Introduction to Retailing class attended to learn more about what the upper classmen in the Retail and Consumer Behavior class researched.

Fashion sneakers    Starbucks in the Global Market    Sephora    Tesla          Athleisure in China

The Global Consumer course was taught by Dr. Nancy Murray.  The Infegy and Adobe connection and partnership was thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Dee Warmath.   Both Murray and Warmath are in the Consumer Science department.


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