Thanks, Badgers!

Thank A Badger Day Postcards

Thanks badgers for making Thank a Badger Day a great success! Throughout campus there were 13 locations of students thanking badger alumni for their gifts to our school. When students wrote a post card to say thank you, they would get a free coffee. Five gallons of coffee and over 150 post cards later, SoHE called it a successful day.

The campus-wide event went through 200 gallons of coffee and wrote over 3,500 post cards, over 1,500 more than last year- that’s a lot of thank-yous and a lot of caffeinated badgers! Thank you to all the students who came by to write a post card and to all the badger alumni who have given back to our school. Alumni gifts make a huge collective impact at SoHE and for that we say:


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