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Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250)
By Students Alexander Elias, Caroline Duffy, Meggie Donley, Janelle Davies, Haley Coulthart, and Rebecca Cohn

This April, the students in the CS 250 Retail Leadership Symposium course had the unique opportunity to hear Jessica Polfer (Talent Acquisition Manager) and Ivy Kobbervig (Senior Organizational Development Manager) from Colony Brands speak about the exciting changes happening within the company.

Reduce, Improve, Increase – Colony Brands ‘Builds’ Change from Within
What is the first thing you think about when a company talks about cutting cost? Closing stores? Cutting jobs? Filing for bankruptcy? Well, at Colony Brands, Senior Organizational Development Manager Ivy Kobbervig and her team have devised a plan to reorganize the company and their brands to make the company more cohesive and profitable without cutting a single job.

“We have Grown Smarter for the Future, but haven’t Lost Touch with our Roots”
The retail industry is fast paced and always evolving. Today more so than ever retailers must constantly respond to new consumer and market trends in order to maintain a competitive edge and avoid getting left in the dust. Colony Brands is, “not in crisis mode” says Ivy, rather the company is “recognizing and reacting to trends both in the marketplace as well as internally”. Colony Brands realized that in order to better serve their customers they had to face and address some “brutal facts” about their supply chain. The new supply chain strategy being implemented at Colony Brands will help the company improve their order processing and shipping times, control operating and marketing costs, manage inventory levels, as well as streamline the buying and planning processes.

There’s no doubt about it, change is hard, especially in today’s retail climate. Our chat with Colony Brands, however, demonstrates that when recognized and planned strategically, change is achievable and impacts companies, organizations, and ultimately their customers for the better. Thank you, Colony Brands!

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