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sewing machine foot - Textiles and Fashion Design Fall Showcase

Textiles and Fashion Design Showcase

Textiles and Fashion Design Student Showcase Exhibition: 2016 Dec 2 – Dec 5, 2016 The Textile and Fashion Design (TFD) Fall Showcase features the work of upper-level TFD undergraduates. Each student curates his/her own space creating a mini-exhibition of their strongest studio works. Pieces range from garments to woven, embellished textiles, dyed and printed yardage, to three-dimensional […]


Wisconsin Without Borders: A Global Initiative June 5 – Aug 25, 2017 Ruth Davis Design Gallery As a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s 4W Initiative, students and faculty members from the Design Studies program in the School of Human Ecology have partnered with traditional artisans around the world developing coordinated microenterprises projects. Materials and […]

Ancient Looms, Modern Threads

Contemporary Handwoven Garments from Oaxaca, Mexico May 21 – August 13, 2016 This exhibition of handwoven garments from the Mexican state of Oaxaca explains the evolution of a traditional woman’s garment called a huipil (pronounced wee-PEAL). Masters of Science Candidate Carolyn Jenkinson traces the history of this ancient garment from its traditional function and aesthetic to […]

Nancy Nicholas Front

Ruth Davis Design Gallery

Earthly Remains Design Studies Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition April 27- June 4, 2019 The Ruth Davis Gallery is pleased to present Earthly Remains, a group exhibition featuring works by Larissa Cangussu, Dakota Mace (Diné), and Emily Popp. Each of the three MFA artists examines the transformation of space, materials, and processes through creative practice […]