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michael stallsmith

Center for Retail: Michael Stallsmith

Michael Stallsmith is a 2011 BBA Marketing graduate of UW-Madison who was highly involved with the Kohl’s Center for Retailing as a student.In this interview, Michael provides his background as UW graduate and advice for future graduates. What was you favorite part of your program? No question, it was every experiential learning opportunity I took […]

Alumni Brittany Zoll

Interview with Alumna Brittany Zoll

Brittany Zoll is a 2010 graduate of the Consumer Science-Retailing program. In this interview, Brittany provides her background as UW graduate and advice for future leaders of the retail industry. What was you favorite part of your program? I loved having the opportunity to travel to different corporate headquarters and going to New York for […]

Bananas at a grocery store

New School Grocery: Tech, Trends and Talent

Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250) By Students Kelsey Pulera,Winnie Nyakaru, Emily O’Neill, Sul Hee Park, Robin Peeters, Lili Peich, Amanda Percarpio, Demitra Philosophos, Cassandra Piette, Rachel Piltser, Vladimir Predko, Maheen Quraishi The Retail Leadership Symposium class welcomed speakers from four companies in the grocery business to share their insights and expertise on subjects from tech […]

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RCB Faculty & Research

Bartfeld, Judi CV Professor, Food Security Research and Policy Specialist 4218 Nancy Nicholas Hall | (608) 262-4765 bartfeld@wisc.edu Jasper, Cynthia CV Professor 4220 Nancy Nicholas Hall | 608-262-2384 crjasper@wisc.edu Murray, Nancy MBA, EdD, Faculty Associate; Teaching Professor of Retailing; Academic Director, Kohl’s Center for Retailing Excellence 4210 Nancy Nicholas Hall | 608-890-0492 njmurray@wisc.edu Shim, Soyeon Dean, Professor, Ph.D. 2135 […]