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Award Management

Post-Award Administration Contact Andrea Plassman, Post-Award Research Administrator You Got the Award! – Now What? Congrats! You rocked your proposal and now you have funds coming in. The first, next step is to arrange a meeting with Andrea to go over what administration will be needed to assist you in successfully carrying out your research […]

Policies & Compliance

Policy News and Guidance Updates March 2020: Guidance continues to evolve for investigators with sponsored projects (grants, contracts, etc.) with regard to covid-19 impacts on research activities. Refer to the office of Research and Sponsored Programs Coronavirus Disease 2019 resource page for both sponsor-specific information and general considerations for UW researchers. Also see campus guidance […]

Search Funding Opportunities

Current Funding Opportunities Find the current list of funding opportunities as posted to the weekly blog “Research funding opps, news & info.”Find a compilation of grant funding opportunities for graduate students (fellowship, dissertation, travel/conference grants, etc.). SoHE Funding Opportunities The following opportunities are available to SoHE faculty, staff and/or graduate students. These opportunities are handled […]

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Budget and Proposal Development

As you prepare to work on your proposal, be sure to review the Basics of Research Administration for Principal Investigators which summarizes the roles and responsibilities of the PI, research administrators, and Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), the office on our campus responsible for submitting proposals on behalf of a researcher. Once you’ve identified a […]

Students at Graduation


The School of Human Ecology has ongoing scholarship opportunities—the Career and Leadership Development Scholarship and the Senior Thesis Professional Development Scholarship—plus two scholarship award processes: 1) Our annual scholarship cycle that takes place each fall 2) A summer scholarship cycle that is specifically for students doing unpaid and/or out-of-state summer internships for credit. Consider your […]