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FLS students and PE Jessie Dahms working through in-class activities

Badger$ense Financial Life Skills Courses

The Badger$ense Financial Life Skills coursework is comprised of two one-credit classes that furnish undergraduate students the knowledge and tools they need to successfully manage their personal finances during and after college. These are blended courses, with multimedia lectures online and practical application exercises in class. Badger$ense Financial Life Skills utilizes Badger$ense Peer Coaches alongside […]

Peer Educator Nate Abrahamson guiding a student through an in-class activity on buying a car

Badger$ense Peer Educators

Badger$ense Peer Educators are undergraduates from any major who have an interest in helping their fellow students learn personal finance concepts. They: assist instructors by leading small student groups in the Badger$ense Financial Life Skills for-credit courses, offer one-on-one consultations with current UW students on basic financial questions (note: these consultations are currently available only to students […]