2018 Summer Courses

Take a course Summer Term and make progress on your degree. Check out SoHE’s class schedule below or search here  https://summer.wisc.edu/course-search/.  Enrollment begins on April 2 and scholarships are available. Get all the info at summer.wisc.edu

Civil Society & Community Studies

CSCS 130: Community Newswriting
Learn writing styles that better deliver information to individuals, families, and communities

CSCS 501: Special Topics: Fundraising and Development — Online

CSCS 501: Special Topics: Management of Conservation Nonprofits

CSCS 601: Internship — Online

Consumer Science

CNSR SCI 173: Consuming Happiness
Does money = happiness? Study the place where consumerism meets money and well-being.

CNSR SCI 201: Consumer Research & Analysis
Get to know how and why people buy through statistics, research and the basics of quantitative data analysis.

CNSR SCI 275: Consumer Finance — Online
Discover how to help individuals and families make decisions about investments, credit, insurance, pension, and more.

CNSR SCI 601: Consumer Science Internship — Online

CNSR SCI 603: Retailing Internship — Online

CNSR SCI 627: Advanced Consumer Finance
Study financial markets from the perspective of consumers and their lifetime of portfolio decisions.

Design Studies

DS 341: Design Thinking for Transformation
Learn how to analyze and solve problems through the popular design thinking process

DS 501: Special Topics Interior Design V

DS 601: Internship — Online

Human Development & Family Studies

HDFS 362: Development of the Young Child — Online
Gain understanding of development, from conception through middle childhood.

HDFS 363: Development from Adolescence to Old Age — Online
Use theory, research, and practical applications to discover human growth.

HDFS 464: Play-Development and Role Across the Lifespan
Find out the crucial role of play and playfulness in a lifetime of development.

HDFS 474: Racial Ethnic Families in the U.S. — Online
Discover how ethnicity, culture, biculturalism, and social contexts shape families.

HDFS 601: Internship — Online


INTER-HE 202: SoHE Career & Leadership Development — Online
Prepare for your career while learning to lead.