Internships for Credit


As part of the School of Human Ecology’s Career Readiness Curriculum, each student is required to complete one, for-credit internship related to their major prior to graduation. 


As a SoHE student, an internship is a requirement of your undergraduate curriculum. Students must have at least a junior standing (54+ credits) in order to pursue a 3-credit internship and must complete a minimum of 150 hours at the internship site. To be eligible, an internship must be educational in nature, directly relate to a student’s major and career goals, and be approved by the Advising & Career Center. Please read the full criteria (link to downloadable PDF) prior to submitting the appropriate Internship Verification Form (below).

Compensation for Internships
The School of Human Ecology does not require that an internship is paid in order to receive academic credit for the experience; however, we highly encourage students to seek out opportunities where they will be compensated for their work, whenever possible. If a student chooses to pursue an unpaid internship, we recommend that they meet with their assigned career advisor to determine if the opportunity provides substantial real-world experience and consider other factors that may impact the decision. Internship scholarships may be available for students completing unpaid internships. Please see our Scholarships page for more information.

Remote Internships
The School of Human Ecology’s Advising & Career Center will consider remote internships-for-credit due to the changing landscape of the world of work. A remote internship is a unique opportunity for students to work without visiting a physical office and require increased planning and consideration by both the intern and supervisor.

Criteria for Remote Internships
In addition to meeting all existing criteria for SoHE’s internship-for-credit program, a remote internship must also adhere to the following, which a student must demonstrate before approval will be granted:

  • The student will develop a work or learning plan for the internship in partnership with their supervisor.
  • The student will have regular check-ins and correspond with their supervisor at least twice a week by phone, email, or other virtual method.
  • Students working remotely must have clear instructions for completing their projects, along with deadlines set by their supervisor throughout the duration of the internship.
  • Remote interns should have regular feedback and supervision on their assigned projects to foster their professional development.
  • Remote interns should keep a log of their projects and hours to be submitted to their supervisor on a weekly basis to track progress.


Prerequisite Coursework

Please note that for some SoHE majors, prerequisite coursework is required in addition to the above internship-for-credit criteria, including:

  • Interior Architecture: DS 322
  • Personal Finance: CNSR SCI 275
  • Retailing & Consumer Behavior: CNSR SCI 257

Internship Verification Process

To pursue internship credit, SoHE students must get their internship formally approved by the Advising & Career Center through the Internship Verification Form ( It is due a week before the semester in which the student will be working the internship and taking the internship course.

To check the status of your Internship Verification Form, visit the Status Checker ( If approved, you will be emailed with permission to add the concurrent internship course for your major to your schedule on or after your enrollment appointment time.

Expectations of Internship Supervisors

An online “Expectations of Internship Supervisors” form is automatically sent to internship supervisors after students submit their Internship Verification Form. Students can use the Status Checker ( to see if the supervisor has submitted their approval, and where applicable, re-send notification to that supervisor. We recommend that Students should encourage their supervisor to complete this promptly. Any delay in receiving this complementary form will impact the approval of the students’ internship.

If an internship site requires that an Educational Affiliation Agreement be set in place prior to the start of the internship, students should contact as soon as possible to begin the process.

Searching for an Internship

Check out our Job Search Resources webpage for guidance on searching for internship opportunities.

Past Internship Sites by Major

Check out this map showing the great range of places that SoHE students had the opportunity to intern over the past year. Each major has its own icon, and each icon on the map represents a SoHE student internship. Some employers had multiple students interning with them throughout the year. Click on an icon to learn more about the internship site and employer. And visit to explore additional internships in your area!

Summer Internship Scholarships

SoHE is proud to offer up to 40 summer scholarships ranging in amount from $1000-$3500 each summer to students engaging in unpaid and/or out-of-state internships for credit in the summer.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Student(s) must be enrolled in one of the six School of Human Ecology majors
  • Student(s) must have an offer for an unpaid and/or out-of-state summer internship prior to applying for the scholarship
  • Student(s) must have at least junior standing (54+ credits completed) at the time the internship begins
  • Student(s) must enroll in and complete the internship course within their major while engaged in the internship once they are given approval to do so
  • The internship must occur primarily in the months of June-August and provide a minimum of 150 on-site hours
  • The internship must reflect and enhance academic knowledge related to student’s major and discipline and meet the minimum criteria to be considered for credit
  • Student must not have already completed an internship-for-credit or otherwise satisfied the internship requirement within SoHE

Additional summer scholarship information found here.

Internships Abroad

If you’re considering an internship abroad for the internship-for-credit requirement, please connect with the International Internship Program for guidance and policies around interning internationally.