Career Readiness Curriculum

SoHE is dedicated to academic excellence and graduating strong human ecologists who will make a positive impact on the world through their degrees. The goal of SoHE’s Advising & Career Center is that our students graduate not only with a high-quality education from UW-Madison, but also ready to start their dream careers.

Career readiness is already built into your SoHE curriculum and course requirements. SoHE offers a three course career development series designed to ensure the career readiness of each and every SoHE undergraduate.

Symposium Course

First, every SoHE declared student takes a one-credit Symposium course, an exploratory class that introduces you to potential careers related to your major, reviews current trends in that field, and helps you develop your professional network.

  • Hear from alumni and employers in the field to explore its various career possibilities
  • Self-reflect and examine personal interests in relation to your major and career options
  • Discover what it means to be a human ecologist
Career & Leadership Development Course

Students also take a one-credit, online SoHE Career & Leadership Development course that digs deeper into the career development process and prepares you for next steps, including how to build a personal brand, develop a resume, and apply for internships.

InterHE 202: SoHE Career & Leadership Development course:

  • Find out what it means to be “career ready”
  • Assess your interests, values and skills and discover how they relate to career decision making
  • Build a personal brand, which includes managing your online presence
  • Learn how to tailor your application materials to apply for internships, jobs and graduate school

Each SoHE student must also complete one, for-credit internship related to their major prior to graduation. Internships provide hands-on experience in a professional workplace environment, networking opportunities, and a chance to further practice and hone career readiness skills. Many of our interns are paid or receive financial support thanks to the relationships SoHE has with employers across all of our majors, along with our SoHE Paid Internships and Summer Internship Scholarship (PDF download) Programs, which have been dedicated $400,000 from 2019 to 2024 by Dean Soyeon Shim.


  • Experience a workplace environment with mentoring from a professional in the field
  • Build valuable career readiness skills and a professional network
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your industry or field of interest
  • Understand how your coursework and curriculum intersects through hands-on application of knowledge
Help from your SoHE Advising Team

Students never have to navigate curriculum requirements alone, thanks to SoHE’s Advising & Career Center. Both academic and career advisors are available year-round to help with course enrollment, career exploration, and navigating the job or internship search. And when you’re ready to graduate, we can help connect you with prospective employers and provide guidance on graduate or professional programs if you wish to continue your education beyond UW-Madison.

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