Soyeon Shim

Soyeon Shim

Dean, Professor, Ph.D.
2135 Nancy Nicholas Hall 1300 Linden Drive
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Mon., Thurs, Fri 8:30am-5pm

I’ve got a woman’s ability to stick to a job and get on with it when everyone else walks off and leaves it.

-Margaret Thatcher

When I was growing up in Seoul, Korea, every evening before dinner my dad always asked all four of us whether we had done anything worthwhile, something that would justify our eating the food set before us.   That lesson helped me immensely later on in my life because it instilled a sense of purpose.  I get excited about coming to work every day because I have a clear sense of where we are going as a school; we are dedicated to making the SoHE a pivotal part of the economic engine that drives the state of Wisconsin, while globally prominent. We want to become a compelling place for everyone to want to be a part of our future.


Most Recent Scholarly Papers- In Press or Published

  • Friedline, T, West, S., Rosell, N., Serido, J., & Shim, S (in press). Do community characteristics related to young adult college students’ credit card debt? The Hypothesized role of collective institutional efficacy. American Journal of Community Psychology.
  • Bosch, L. A., Serido, J., Card, N., Shim, S., & Barber, B. L. (in press). Predictors of Financial Identity Maturation in Emerging Adulthood. Emerging Adulthood.
  • Serido, J., Curran, M. A., Wilmarth, M., Ahn, S. Y., Shim, S., & Ballard, J. (2015). The unique role of parents and romantic partners on young adults’ financial attitudes and behaviors. Family Relations, 64(5), 696-710. [Best Paper Award by the Family Economics Focus Group of NCFR, 2016]
  • Shim, S., Serido, J., Tang, C., & Card, N. (2015). Socialization processes and pathways to healthy financial development for young adults. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 38, 29-38
  • Serido, J., Shim, S., Xiao, J. J.,Tang, C. & Card, N. (2014). Financial adaptation among college students: Helping students cope with financial strain. The Journal of College Student Development, 55(3), 310-316.
  • Xiao, J. J., Ahn, S.Y., Serido, J., Shim, S. (2014). Earlier financial literacy and later financial behavior of college students. International Journal of Consumer Studies. Online First.

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It's not about money, it's about life

Money equals happiness, right? Not necessarily. APLUS, a longitudinal study about the impact of financial decisions on personal well-being suggest it may not be so simple. APLUS (Arizona Pathways to Life Success for University Students) is tracking about 1,000 24-year old participants and early findings suggest that when it comes to having a sense of personal fulfillment, it's not necessarily about the balance in their bank account.
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