Sarah Yannett headshot

Sarah Yannett

Associate Instructional Specialist, Float Teacher
Child Development Lab
Office 1301
608-263-4093 ex. 108
All learning is understanding relationships.

– George Washington Carver

I love lab schools! My education began at the wonderful University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, founded by John Dewey in 1896, where the seeds were planted for my lifelong beliefs in creativity, diversity, initiative and scholarship. I believe that children learn best when the learning task and environment are developmentally appropriate, and when the child has a positive connection with his or her teacher and learning community. I am delighted to be a part of the University of Wisconsin as a teacher in the Child Development Lab.

I hold an MS Ed in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in learning and development. I have a Wisconsin Early Childhood teaching license (birth-eight), a Post-baccalaureate Early Childhood Education Certificate, and a B.A. in French. As a teacher, I have over 25 years of experience in both public and private schools.

My graduate work in educational psychology colors all of my interactions with learning and child development. I am fascinated with how human beings learn, and how a teacher can influence this process by building strong connections with children, manipulating the learning environment and building on prior understanding. I am particularly interested in the effects and triggers for exclusion and aggression in early childhood, and how classroom communities can improve learning. I love children’s literature, and I am convinced that there is a book for every situation!