Sarah Halpern Meekin

Sarah Halpern-​Meekin

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
4107 Nancy Nicholas Hall 1300 Linden Drive

I am a sociologist who studies romantic relationships and welfare policy using a mixed-methods approach. My current research includes examining how premarital experiences are associated with later relationship outcomes; how government-funded relationship education programs are experienced by their participants; and how changes to the welfare state, like the rise of the Earned Income Tax Credit, affect low-income families.

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Selected Publications:


Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Kathryn Edin, Laura Tach, and Jennifer Sykes. Forthcoming. It’s not like I’m poor: How working families make ends meet in a post-welfare world. University of California Press.

Journal Articles

Jennifer Sykes, Katrin Kriz, Kathryn Edin, and Sarah Halpern-Meekin. Forthcoming. “Dignity and Dreams: What the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Means to Low-Income Families.” American Sociological Review.

Laura Tach and Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2014. “The Earned Income Tax Credit: Tax Refund Expectations and Behavioral Responses.” Journal of Policy Analysis & Management 33: 413-439.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin and Laura Tach. 2013. “Couple Disagreement in Reporting on Courtship Stages: Implications for Measurement and Marital Outcomes.” Social Science Research 42: 1143-1155.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Wendy Manning, Peggy Giordano, and Monica Longmore. 2013. “Relationship Churning, Physical Violence, and Verbal Abuse in Young Adult Relationships.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75: 2-12.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Wendy Manning, Peggy Giordano, and Monica Longmore. 2013. “Relationship Churning in Young Adulthood: On/Off Relationships and Sex with an Ex.” Journal of Adolescent Research 28: 166-188.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2012. “School Variation in Students’ Experiences in High School Relationship and Marriage Education Courses.” Journal of Family Issues 33: 1688-1712.

Laura Tach and Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2012. “Premarital Cohabitation, Nonmarital Childbearing, and Divorce Decisions: How Does Marital Quality Matter?” Family Relations 61: 575-581.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2012. “Unlikely Optimists, Skeptics, and Believers: Understanding Adolescents’ Prospective Relationship Views.” Journal of Adolescent Research 27: 606-631.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2011. “High School Relationship and Marriage Education: A Comparison of Mandated and Self-Selected Treatment.” Journal of Family Issues 32: 394-419.

Laura Tach and Sarah Halpern-Meekin. 2009 “How Does Premarital Cohabitation Affect Trajectories of Marital Quality?” Journal of Marriage and Family 71: 298-317.

Sarah Halpern-Meekin and Laura Tach. 2008. “Heterogeneity in Two-Parent Families and Adolescent Well-Being.” Journal of Marriage and Family 70: 435-451.


HDFS 535: A Family Perspective on Policymaking (next offered: Fall 2014)

HDFS 766: Families & Poverty (last taught: Spring 2014)

HDFS 843: Family Policy: How It Affects Families & What Professionals Can Do (next offered: Fall 2014)