Malika Guend

Malika Guend

Early Childhood Instructional Specialist
Preschool Lab, 1300 Linden Dr
608-263-4093 ext 203

No significant learning takes place without significant relationship

-Jere Pawl

As an early childhood teacher, I have a disposition toward working with very young children and understanding their interactions in partnership with families.

I have detailed knowledge of child development and Learning (cognitive, language, social emotional, Physical). I plan and provide a stimulating, nurturing, and language-rich learning environment for the infant/toddler classroom. I have many years of experience in child observation and documentation, and supervising, evaluating, assistant teachers, practicum students and interns.

Preschool Lab

See Malika's classroom, the Dragonfly Room, where children 6 weeks to 2 years old are cared for.
Dragonfly Room