Malika Guend

Malika Y Guend

Senior Instructional Specialist, Infant Teacher
Child Development Lab
Office 1301
608-263-4093 ext 203 Dragonfly Room
No significant learning takes place without significant relationship.

–Jere Pawl

I have been teaching at the UW Child Development Lab since 2000. As an Early Childhood Educator, my passion is manifested in working with and observing young children’s curiosity and yearning for discovery, as well as understanding their interactions in partnership with their families. I have extensive knowledge with regard to Child Development and Learning (Cognitive, Language, Social, Emotional, and Physical ….*). I continuously strive to provide a stimulating, nurturing and language-rich learning environment in order to set the stage for education and discovery. I have almost two decades of experience working with children under several different facets, including observation, documentation, supervision, evaluation, as well as working with assistant teachers, practicum students and interns.

Child Development Lab

See Malika's classroom, the Dragonfly Room, where children 6 weeks to 2 years old are cared for.
Dragonfly Room

– B.A., English as Second Language: University of Blida-Algeria

– Senior Instructional Specialist – Infant/Toddler: UW Preschool Lab Program

– Co-Author: Community of Practice Brochure ‘Building Blocks of Infant-Toddler Development Relationships, Environments, Experience’

– Member: Campus Child Care Infant/Toddler Community of Practice

– Foreign Language Skills: Arabic (Native Proficiency) and French (Native Proficiency)

– CPR Certified

– Inquiry Based Learning Environment

– Caregiving Curriculum

– Responsive Caregiving

– Primary Caregivers

– Parent Education