Faculty Associate Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews

Faculty Associate, Consumer Science
4225 Nancy Nicholas Hall
(608) 890-4252

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.


— John Cotton Dana

I was so afraid of school as a child that I broke out in red welts and missed my first day every year until the fourth grade. My misadventures in learning were further highlighted by my attempts to become a gymnast by devouring library books on the subject. Much later I recognized that my preferred route to learning nearly anything was by doing (with a lot of trial and error), and once I got a taste of success I felt genuine confidence for the first time.

Learning from others requires a level of vulnerability and risk-taking that I deeply respect. It was my aversion to vulnerability that likely drove my preference for independent study until I gained enough confidence to participate as an active student in a classroom environment. Some of the most memorable lessons I have learned happened as a result of exposing gaps in knowledge or by being open to criticism – and this state of mind rarely happens spontaneously.

My mission as a teacher is to translate my experience as a practicing financial planner into relatable, hopefully interesting lessons that fuel a desire to keep learning and help students to develop the confidence required to harness the power of vulnerability.

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