Picture of Laura Sparks

Laura Sparks

Communications Specialist, Center for Design and Material Culture
1235E Nancy Nicholas Hall, 1300 Linden Drive
Office Hours
Mon- Fri 8:30 to 12:30

I’ve always loved multimedia storytelling. As a child I remember painting a multi-animal farm scene on a sheet of plywood, complete with cotton ball clouds. I have memories of helping my older sister with the neighborhood newspaper. I’ll never forget the sound, the emerging images, from my Polaroid One Step Instamatic camera.

I enjoy the design process, starting with researching and learning about our external world.  What follows, the internal composting of ideas, feeling alive with the churning, the energy generated from the play of possibilities, is addictive.  Then, of course, there is the making of things. This is what I thrive on, whether it be multimedia graphics or a wooden out-building.