Katy Brechlin

Keturah Brechlin

Associate Instructional Specialist, Preschool and 4K Teacher, BS in Elementary Education
1300 Linden Dr
608-263-4093 ext. 206

You never stand taller in your life than when you bend down to help a child in need.

-Bob Parks

The lifelong love of learning: That is what has guided me through my journey to my home at the Preschool Lab. It’s what has inspired me to become a teacher, to challenge myself in continuing to grow as a teacher, and to help others to grow. It’s also what I strive to instill in the children in my classroom. Being in a preschool classroom is a wonderful way to be reminded of the glorious feeling of learning new things, being challenged to think in creative ways, and it gives me the privilege to collaborate with an elite class of early childhood teachers.

Preschool Lab

See Katy's classroom, the Otter Room, where children 3-5 years old are cared for.
Otter Room

• Elementary Education Major, Early Childhood Minor, & Special Education Minor from UW-Platteville
• Elementary Regular Education Teacher License – Ages Birth to Age 11.
• Adaptive Education License – Ages Birth to Age 11.
• I’ve been teaching at UW-Preschool Lab since 2012 and have been teaching since 2009.
• I have worked at Learning Gardens and Academy for Little Learners.

• I have presented at the MMSD 4K Summer Institute in 2014 on Environments and Small Spaces.

• I have a husband named Tim, and two cats named Cherry and Spike.
• I enjoy crocheting and knitting.
• I enjoy photography and have been working on developing my photography skills in my free time.
• I love to spend time at my cabin during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, where I take long walks in the woods.
• I love trying new crafts.