Heather Kirkorian

Heather Kirkorian

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Laura M. Secord Chair in Early Childhood Development
4105 Nancy Nicholas Hall 1300 Linden Drive

The medium is not the message… the message is the message.

-Anderson et al. (2001)

I received my Ph.D. (2007) in Developmental Psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where I also completed my postdoctoral training. I have been an Assistant Professor in the Human Development and Family Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 2010. My research interests are at the intersection of early cognitive development and media effects. I am also interested in identifying techniques to increase the value of media for very young children, enabling producers to create educationally valuable media and empowering parents to use these media effectively. My current projects include explorations of attention and learning, young children’s attention to and comprehension of screen media, toddlers’ ability to learn from interactive touchscreen devices, and the impact of television on cognitive development. Click here to view my TEDx talk on interactive media and young children

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Cognitive Development and Media Lab

Dr. Kirkorian directs the Cognitive Development and Media Lab (CDML) at the University of Wisconsin. Please visit the CDML website for more information about ongoing research projects, student activities, presentations, publications, media appearances, and more.
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