Esther Emmerich

Esther Emmerich

Associate Instructional Specialist, Toddler Teacher, Child Development Lab
1300 Linden Drive

My passion for teaching began on a missionary trip with my church in high school, where we interacted with young children in an orphanage in a little town in Mexico. Although there was a huge language barrier, through play and laughter a strong connection was made and words were not necessary to communicate the joy of each other’s company. Our group went to “teach,” but I learned a lot that day, especially that I truly wanted to work with children.

Immediately after moving to the Midwest from the East Coast, I joined the CDL staff in August 2016 as the co-teacher in the Duck Room. I am currently a Chipmunk teacher in the Meadow neighborhood working with the two-year-olds. My most “hands on” experience, though, comes from raising my 17 year-old son and 11 year-old daughter.

Child Development Lab

See Esther's classroom, the Chipmunk Room, where children 2-3 years old are cared for.
Chipmunk Room

I graduated from Barnard College at Columbia University with a BA in Psychology and a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. I have been teaching for about 15 years in a preschool setting, working with infants to four year olds. My work experience includes being the Health Care Provider and Camp Administrator for a camp of 250 campers ranging from the ages of 2 to 9. I have trained the entire camp staff in areas such as safety, health care, and behavioral management.


My most treasured memories with my own children growing up are of our autumn walks in the woods, growing our vegetable garden in the summer, sledding in the winter snow, and puddle jumping in the spring rain. As a co-teacher in the Chipmunk Room, it is bringing that love of the outdoor classroom and learning from nature into the daily experience as a Chipmunk that is a major area of focus for me.

I hold a current first aid certificate, including anaphylaxis and asthma training, and Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED certification.

When I am not at CDL, my time is spent cooking meals at home or seeking new culinary experiences. I enjoy hiking and rock scrambling, paint balling, shooting pool and playing volleyball.