Dan Dick 2018

Dan Dick

Communications and Advancement Manager
Communications and Advancement
Office 2144B
To work at the things you love, or for those you love, is to turn work into play and duty into privilege.

–R.D. Dunkin

Students in the School of Human Ecology inspire me. They understand the importance of drawing connections with people through relationships, designs, finances, products, and communities. Today, more than ever, our world needs people who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others. This is why I am passionate for the the work that is done in the School of Human Ecology.

I strive to work at “things I love” with the goal to “turn my work into play.” The Mission of SoHE makes that easy. It truly is a privilege to engage with alumni for the advancement of this wonderful school. Together, we connect student passions with a future that changes lives.