Dakota Mace_2020_headshot

Dakota Mace

Center for Design and Material Culture
My work focuses on reinterpreting the symbolic abstractions of our creation stories, cosmologies, and social structures, using a combination of traditional and nontraditional materials. Na’ashjéii Asdzáá (Spider Woman), who taught the ways of weaving, is one of the most important deities to the Diné and is the most prevalent motif used in my work. She was the first to weave her web of the universe while spreading Hózhó Náhásdlíí’ (Beauty Way) teachings of balance within the mind, body, & soul. This narrative formulates an understanding of certain aspects of Diné Bahané (creation story) as well as bringing Na’ashjéii Asdzáá into the art world and providing my audience a window into the world of the Diné.

I am a Diné (Navajo) artist and scholar focusing on abstracting Diné weaving practices as well as developing more dialogue on the appropriation of Indigenous design-work. My artistic work focuses on translating the language of Diné weaving history as well as beliefs through different mediums and techniques.  I  received my MA and MFA degrees in Photography and Textile Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and my BFA in Photography from the Institute of American Indian Arts.


MFA, Textile Design, University of Wisconsin–Madison
MFA, Photography, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Personal media

Website: www.dakotamace.com
Instagram: @dmaceart

2020 Group Exhibition-”Stolen Sisters” The Crossman Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI

2019 Group Exhibition-”Where Are You?,” Vital Spaces, Santa Fe, NM

2019 Group Exhibition-“Points of Departure,” Ruth Davis Design Gallery, University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison, WI

2019 Group Exhibition-”2019 Wisconsin Triennial,” Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI

2019 Solo Exhibition-“Nihá (For Us),” Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, WI

2019 Solo Exhibition-”UW-Madison MFA Exhibition, “Yákʼaashbąąh,” UW-Madison, Madison, WI

Photography (ART 376)

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