Cynthia Jasper 2018

Cynthia Jasper

Chair of the Department of Civil Society and Community Studies, Professor
Civil Society and Community Studies Department; Community and Nonprofit Leadership Major
Office 4153

Cynthia Jasper, Vaughan Bascom Professor of Women and Philanthropy, is currently chairing the Department of Civil Society and Community Studies. Dr. Jasper’s research interests include consumer behavior and management within the retailing settings, women and philanthropy, and succession and management issues in family businesses. She authored a publication entitled “Women’s Leadership in Philanthropy” for the Encyclopedia of Nonprofit Organizations. Her past positions include Chair of the University of Wisconsin Library Committee and treasurer of the American Council on Consumer Interests.

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  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Philanthropy
  • Women’s Giving Behavior
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Family Voices Tutoring and Mentoring Program in South Madison