Whelan, Christine Whelan

Christine B. Whelan

Clinical Professor and Director, Money, Relationships and Equality Initiative, Ph.D.
4220 Nancy Nicholas Hall



“Not for school but for life we learn” is my high-school motto, borrowed from Seneca, and I use it in the first lecture for most of my classes. I’m a firm believer that academic research can and should be useful to all of us in our day-to-day lives. My favorite classes are ones chock full of fodder for cocktail party conversation. Cool ideas and new perspectives. Fun facts and counter-intuitive approaches. Knowledge that will hopefully germinate into food for thought for years to come. I’ve taught a half-dozen sociology classes on marriage, gender, social change and everyday life. Soon I’ll be debuting a course on Consuming Happiness and helping to design Living 101, the newest – and coolest – way to introduce students to all that the School of Human Ecology has to offer. I also direct the Money, Relationship & Equality Initiative. Stop by to chat: My latest book, The Big Picture: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life, may help your frame that important question of what’s next in college and beyond.