Brooke Godfrey

Faculty Associate
Design Studies Department; Interior Architecture Major
Office 3191A
“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream”

–CS Lewis

I specialize in design visualization, using a variety of techniques, media, and narrative to communicate designs and ideas. I’m a graduate from the School of Human Ecology, first with a degree in Interior Design, followed by a Masters of Fine Art in Design Visualization and Communication. My passion for art, design, and continual learning makes teaching in the Design Studies department a perfect fit. I thrive on my interactions with the students, and look forward to the discoveries, challenges and rewards that overflow in our department every semester.


B.S., Environments, Textiles, and Design, University of Wisconsin–Madison
M.F.A., Design Visualization and Communications, University of Wisconsin–Madison

DS 222: Interior Design 1

DS 241: Visual Communication 1

DS 242: Visual Communication 2

DS 501: Visual Communication and Thinking

DS 501: Portfolio Preparation

DS 601: Internship

DS 624: Portfolio and Professional Practice

DS 626: Interior Design 5

DS 699: Independent Study