A Song and Dance for the Tree

Picture of student by Burr Oak

While taking a walk around the tree mid-October, Carson from the 4k Bunny class suggested putting on a show for the Bur Oak. He wanted to write a song and make costumes and have the show filmed. The class unanimously agreed that this was a wonderful idea!

The class used paper bags, markers, cotton balls, and construction paper to make these costumes to resemble the creatures that live in or around Bur Oak or their favorite part of the tree.

One day during class they collectively wrote lyrics with the help of their teachers to the tune of Frozen’s “Let It Go” for the song for their show. They wanted to incorporate everything they thought was special about the tree using their journal entries.

Follow along with the lyrics below as you watch the Bunny Class’ production of “Say Goodbye.”

Say Good-Bye
(to the tune of Frozen)

Say good-bye
Say goodbye to our
Burr Oak tree
She is 300 years old,
oh so old
And she’s sick you see
With her branches so high
They almost touch the sky
Her trunk is so big. It’s 20 kids wide
Say good-bye Say Good-bye
Say good -bye
She is home to animals,
birds and butterflies
Her trunk is home to
moss and mushrooms
and insects inside.
Oh we love her so
We hate to see her go
Say good-bye
Say good-bye
Say good-bye

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