SoHE Spotlight | Recent Graduate Kelly McCamley

Recent SoHE graduate Kelly McCamley

We caught up with recent graduate Kelly McCamley (BS ’15, Retail) before she embarks on an adventure in her new career at Kohl’s Corporation. Instead of choosing to relax these last few weeks before her debut in the “real world,” she is sharing her love and knowledge of the retail industry with middle schoolers as a teacher for the PEOPLE Program here on campus, and we couldn’t be more proud!

How have your experiences here at SoHE prepared you for your new career?

SoHE is a place on campus that I hold near to my heart because of how crucial it has been in me reaching my career goals. I entered SoHE freshmen year not knowing anyone and now when I look back after graduating, I realize how many great relationships I have with students, professors, and advisors. I look at SoHE not only as a school on campus but as a community that helps and challenges students to reach their full potential. The academics at SoHE were very engaging and I could tell that my professors had the same passion for retail as I did. Participating in extracurricular opportunities such as the Student Retail Association, case competitions, and the Center for Retailing Excellence is where I learned valuable real world experience that I would not have experienced otherwise without SoHE.

I am most excited to start making an impact in the retailing industry. I know that the education I got from the University of Wisconsin has prepared me to excel.

What are you looking forward to most about after life after graduation?

Besides not having to do homework into the late hours of the night, I am most excited to start making an impact in the retailing industry. I know that the education I got from the University of Wisconsin has prepared me to excel. I could not be more excited to start working full time for Kohl’s Corporate as a Product Development Coordinator. Working for Kohl’s has been a goal of mine since sophomore year after receiving a tour in their New York Office with the Student Retail Association. It was on that tour that I realized Kohl’s has a culture that I would fit perfectly into and I set my goals towards them. I am also looking forward to seeing where the retail industry takes me whether it is a new state or even country because retail is everywhere.


How are you spending your last month before starting at Kohl’s?

Before starting at Kohl’s in mid-August I will be finishing up teaching students about retail in the middle school PEOPLE Program on campus. It has been so rewarding teaching students about the retailing industry and giving them a little taste of what I am so passionate about. I will also be traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC with my mom and a friend for a girls’ trip to soak up the sun. The last major highlight of my final month will be seeing my all-time favorite artist Taylor Swift on her 1989 Tour in Chicago. My last month before working at Kohl’s will definitely be one to remember!


What led to your interest in helping future college students by being part of the PEOPLE program?

I first heard about the opportunity through Jerry O’Brien and Angie Badura and I was immediately intrigued. I knew it would be challenging because I had never taught a class before, but once I heard that I would be teaching about retail I committed. Retail is a core component of who I am today and I love being able to pass on what I have learned so far to middle school students. Middle school is where I realized that my passion fell somewhere in the world of business and retail. Knowing that I could help students find their passion for retail at the same age I did is what really got me excited and want to take on this amazing and rewarding opportunity.

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