Strategic Plan

The University of Wisconsin School of Human Ecology is in the midst of creating a new strategic plan. As part of this process, a strategic planning group has affirmed the school’s mission, vision, strategic priorities, and fundamental principles, which are highlighted below.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2013, Dean Soyeon Shim held a number of discussions with stakeholders to highlight where the school is headed and engage them in the process of developing the specific initiatives that will help the school pursue its strategic priorities and achieve its vision in the next five to seven years. Dialogue about the plan will continue moving forward.

Identity & Brand

SoHE is about people, community and the marketplace; it’s about enhancing the quality of life and economic well-being. It’s a hub science from design to consumers (D2C) and families to communities (F2C).

Mission: What do we do?

It is a SoHE IDEA – Integrate, Discover, Educate, and Apply. We discover, integrate and apply new knowledge in solving real societal problems.

We educate students for careers in design, retailing, personal finance, human development and family studies, non-profits and community development.

OneSoHE21 Vision

To be globally prominent and locally relevant in preparing students for the 21st Century and conducting cutting-edge research and outreach that drives the Wisconsin and U.S. economies.

For more information, download our Strategic Plan PDF

SoHE Values & Operating Principles (2012)

  • Commitment to students
    • We are deeply committed to enhancing the development of students and preparing graduates to assume leadership positions in their personal, civic and professional lives.
  • Commitment to our mission
    • We believe that teaching, research, creative innovation and outreach are enhanced when they are integrated, and value our long history as part of the land grant mission of this university.
  • Commitment to one another and diversity
    • We are committed to creating a supportive working and learning environment and value inclusion and co-existence of different groups and worldviews.
  • Commitment to integrity, accountability and transparency
    • We do what we say with the highest integrity, follow-through and follow-up, and are committed to transparency.
  • Commitment to excellence and high-performing organization
    • We are committed to excellence, collective success, innovation and entrepreneurship.

SoHE Position Statement

School of Human Ecology Revised Recommended Positioning (7.19.13) Target:

  • Aspiring change seekers who feel compelled to understand the intricacies of human interconnectedness

Soul Purpose:

  • SoHE channels the combined power of hearts and minds to make a relevant impact on people’s lives in the real world
  • Hearts = Compassion and people orientation Minds = Curiosity and intellectual capacity
  • How We Do It Best:
  • Interdisciplinary ethic instills in students the ability to understand the context driving relationships between people, communities and the marketplace
  • Reciprocal engagement across our broad network ensures a research agenda focused on solving real-world issues
  • Fosters interaction and hands-on learning opportunities that give graduates the confidence to apply what they learn
  • Provides a personalized experience and a supportive, passionate