Strategic Goal #9

To develop and implement an integrated marketing communication plan that will define the SoHE’s global impact and clarify its brand to internal and external constituencies.


  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that will lead to a Virtual Grand Opening of the new SoHE, encompassing these elements:
    • Branding/messaging—communications are inspiring, unique, innovative, consistent with the school’s strategic goals, emotionally appealing, and informative.
    • Design/architecture—electronic communications are dynamic, interactive, user–Friendly, audience-specific (internal and external), and informative, as well as easy to maintain, update, and improve.
    • Internal—all components showcase operational excellence and effective communication and include an historical data repository.
    • Media—all are addressed, for example, websites, print materials, video/YouTube, other social media, alumni e-newsletters, and multiple internal communication tools.
    • Storytelling—Stories showcase the exceptional research and learning spaces of Nancy Nicholas Hall and highlight the successes of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends. Stories underscore the brand.
    • Coherent—there is brand consistency on three levels: department/center, SoHE, and UW–Madison.
  1. Create a living website that has an internal devoted staff person who will ensure its sustainability by providing technical and content oversight to ensure it stays up-to-date (both in content and technology).
  2. Engage faculty to keep the website up-to-date by providing software that is user friendly and allows self-entry of information.
  3. Define consistent sent of baseline content for all units.

Objective Indicators

  • Traffic/analytic’s
  • Survey
  • Annual focus group