Strategic Goal #7

Form strong relationships with all students while in SoHE and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all career alumni.


  1. Develop a systematic plan for keeping track of alumni (e.g., database, contact management/CRM/Buckynet, LinkedIn).
  2. Host a small number of regular signature events to bring alums to campus for events, speaking engagements, and awards.
  3. Target a small number of cities (e.g., Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis) that are connected to major industries (e.g., design, retailing) for an annual or biennial alumni-student development networking event.
  4. Foster alumni community development via LinkedIn, e-newsletter, and social media.
  5. Begin developing a sense of alumni community among current students; work
    closely with student ambassadors and student leaders.

Objective Indicators

  • 100% tracking of future grads
  • Increased percentage of career alumni contact info
  • Measure satisfaction and participation of targeted events.
  • Measure number of alumni at hosted employment, service presentations.
  • Increased distribution numbers of digital and hard-copy communications