Strategic Goal #6

Increase capacity with new instructional models that enhance learning to teach more traditional (campus) students better and to reach new audiences (nontraditional/professional students) that ultimately enhance our teaching mission and generate new revenues.


  1. Create high impact introductory courses that are highly applied and relevant to students’ lives, and that secure more students and attract exceptional students to our majors (consider “Intro to Human Ecology collaboration;” applied life skills).
  2. Develop/implement innovative instructional models to teach more students more efficiently and effectively.
  3. Expand awareness of innovative pedagogy and incentivize use.
  4. Add support (e.g., TA, faculty release time, and professional development funds) to expand innovative teaching and learning; add teaching assistants to enhance collaborative learning (discussion, etc.), especially in large capacity courses.
  5. Develop new certificate programs and/or new 1–2 year non-research master’s program for new audiences.

Objective Indicators

  • Number of credit hours
  • Student learning outcomes (e.g., grades) and assessment of courses
  • Number of faculty who have adapted new instructional methodologies
  • Number of new students attracted to our majors
  • Number of new students from new audiences recruited
  • Net revenue increase
  • Number of students successfully recruited to new certificate and/or MS program, and 100% of recruited students finish