Strategic Goal #5

Strengthen our graduate programs by expanding depth and breadth of graduate course work and recruiting and retaining top students and faculty with special attention to increasing diversity in backgrounds and perspectives.


  1. Coordinate graduate training across units and linking research with practice and policy, and strengthen cross-department graduate programming through common skills-based courses.
  2. Over the course of next 5 years, each SoHE unit or center takes responsibility for a themed project that engages grad students and faculty.
  3. SoHE credit-based graduate seminar, bi-weekly presentations with SoHE faculty, staff and guests rotating responsibilities for topics (e.g., communication with public, critique, research-outreach, teaching strategies), venue for Coop Extension, visiting scholars, etc. (See Interdisciplinary Studies’ model).
  4. Seek private funds for collaborative training grant.
  5. Provide multi-year, competitive funding packages to recruit top students with a goal to fund 100% of PhD students in good standing.
  6. Clarify expectations for graduate research, teaching, and outreach learning opportunities and ensure that the graduate curriculum and experiential learning programs reflect them.
  7. Integrate Cooperative Extension programming to graduate training by clarifying and communicating graduate student competencies they want to recruit and identifying faculty to work with them.

Objective Indicators

  • Number of top graduate students, as well as under-represented groups, recruited and funded
  • Trained grad students with competence within discipline/unit and with cross-disciplinary (SoHE) knowledge and skills; graduate student placement record