Strategic Goal #4

Ensure that every student has multiple, high-impact, real-world experiences that provide leadership and professional/career development training opportunities (e.g. internships, service learning, study abroad).


  1. Develop school-wide learning outcomes and core courses (e.g., leadership, problem-solving, communication, sustainability).
  2. Redesign undergraduate curriculum to clarify expectations (e.g., cohort learning) and provide flexibility (e.g. credit for high-impact experience, Educational Innovation web courses, fewer requirements, SoHE courses as UW Gen-Ed courses).
  3. Recognize and incentivize faculty to teach these (teaching credit for supervising research interns, course release/TA for developing/teaching service-learning courses).
  4. Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for pathways for career success for all students.
  5. Collaborate with centers, alumni, and Board of Visitors (BOV) for internships and outside expertise.
  6. Hire permanent faculty and associates in each department to ensure that required courses are covered and allow for high-impact courses.
  7. Designate or hire SAA person to manage internship program (and study
    abroad) and ensure quality of experience.

Objective Indicators

  • Number of students with each of these experiences
  • Number of experiences per student
  • Percentage of students with one (or more) professional experiences (e.g., URS, regional conferences, exhibitions, theses)
  • Number of courses that integrate outside expertise and real-world context
  • Alumni survey regarding preparedness for career, professional skills