Strategic Goal #3

Recruit and retain an optimal number of highly qualified students for all majors in SoHE.


  1. Establish clear roles for the provision of student academic and career services among Student Academic Affairs (SAA), departments, and other SoHE and campus units and identify a point person (existing or new) to lead and coordinate these activities.
  2. Develop a comprehensive recruitment plan (web & promotion material, partnership with admissions office) and enrollment plan (enrollment target, common application deadline).
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan for pathways to career success for all SoHE students with a school-wide “student development” committee to coordinate career, professional development, and experiential learning opportunities across the school and in collaboration with other campus career units.
  4. Expand enrollments in core SoHE breadth courses in each department.
  5. Expand and strengthen the SoHE Faculty Mentor Program in all majors, and provide faculty with recognition and incentive for engaging in student mentoring program (e.g., research or creative scholarly activities).

Objective Indicators

  • Number of top quality high school, transfer, and on-campus students who apply to a SoHE Major
  • Number of students who successfully complete their programs in a timely manner
  • Number of students who are successfully placed in relevant jobs and/or post-graduate endeavors