Strategic Goal #11

Develop the Dean’s Team into a High Performing Organization providing all our SoHE partners with excellent operational services to facilitate the accomplishment of SoHE’s strategic goals.


  1. Develop the Human Ecology Administrative Team (HEAT) into a high performing unit that delivers excellent operational services to all of our SoHE partners to effectively and efficiently achieve SoHE strategic goals.
  2. Empower every SoHE member to develop a clear sense of his or her career objectives and responsibilities and to instill in all a commitment to creating a satisfying workplace and high-performing organization.
  3. Reward high-performing and committed employees with competitive salaries and career-growth opportunities through a consistent and fair annual performance review and feedback system as well as professional development opportunities.
  4. Achieve an optimal balance (with respect to meeting the strategic goals) between the centralization and decentralization of operational and administrative structure.
  5. Review and develop faculty and staff governance document to reduce time commitment by faculty and staff, while meeting the goals of the governance.
  6. Build team spirit and work collaboratively to achieve a seamless pipeline for functions among different units to achieve school goals. See an example below.

Objective Indicators

  • % of employees with an updated position description and annual performance review and career development plan
  • % of benefits-eligible employees vs. part-time, temporary employees
  • Level of financial compensation
  • % of employees who have achieved career progression
  • Retention rate and level of employee satisfaction