Strategic Goal #10

To empower every SoHE member to develop a clear sense of his or her career objectives and responsibilities, and to instill in all a commitment to creating a satisfying workplace and high-performing organization.


  1. Develop academic and administrative staffing strategies that will allow schools/units to meet strategic goals within the limited financial resources.
  2. Enhance the SoHE’s human-capital capacity by creating a clear road map to success for each employee.
  3. Reward high-performing and committed employees with competitive salaries and career-growth opportunities.
  4. Develop operational-excellence strategies that will enable all categories of employees to use time and effort most efficiently to achieve high productivity.
  5. Foster team spirit and a collective sense of community

Objective Indicators

  • Percentage of employees with an updated position description and annual performance review and career development plan
  • Percentage of benefits-eligible employees vs. part-time, temporary employees
  • Level of financial compensation
  • Percentage of employees who have achieved career progression
  • Retention rate and level of employee satisfaction