Strategic Goal #1

Increase research and creative scholarly y productivity by significantly expanding faculty research funding and involvement of graduate and undergraduate students in research and creative scholarship.


  1. Develop a dedicated, qualified and focused body that drives and is accountable
    for coordinated scholarly effort in SoHE units (e.g., centers, departments).
  2. Invest in center efforts to achieve synergy and integration of scholarship across
    SoHE units.
  3. Provide incentives for faculty research and graduate/undergraduate research
    and scholarly opportunities:

    • Flexible funds/travel
    • Course releases for proposal development and for receiving funding
    • TA/PA and tuition remission
    • Seed funds, research space
    • Maximize building access for research
    • Recognition and credit for faculty for involving graduate and undergraduate
      students in research and scholarly activities
  4. Develop an efficient grant management and research support unit in the
    business administration office.
  5. Recognize highly productive faculty members via multiple venues (e.g., nomination  for awards, named or endowed professorship, timely promotion and/or compensation, etc.).

Objective Indicators

  • The number and amount of grants administered through SoHE
  • The number of collaborative projects
  • Research productivity and scholarly output (the number of publications, citations, exhibits, etc.)
  • The number of top students recruited and involved with research/scholarly
  • Increased stakeholder (organizations, industry, foundations) involvement
  • Increased faculty satisfaction with infrastructural support (measurable-survey)