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Sunday, April 29th

2018 Fashion Show Awards

Fashion Show Leadership Award- Sarah Friedland

Best Ready to Wear- Ike Cech
Collection: Nine Pound Hammer

Most Avant Garde- Amanda Hurwitz
White dress with black piping

Best Texitle- Adina Barrientos
Multi-colored top (pictured left)

Show Stopper- Xin Yi Hor
Transformation Jacket

Tessia Brown Award of Determination- Sage Conrad

Threads: Ensemble 2017

Ensemble took place Sunday, April 30th at the Madison Masonic Center.

From the eclectic selection of runway designs to live music and dance, Ensemble was experienced from many perspectives. The production engaged a range of audiences through a mash-up of classical and contemporary music and design. With a shared vision, we created unity in diversity, embraced the essence of inclusivity, and celebrated each element of an ensemble.

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