Threads: Fashion Show

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Ensemble: The Thread’s Fashion Show took place Sunday, April 30th at the Madison Masonic Center for the general public.

From the eclectic selection of runway designs to live music and dance, Ensemble was experienced from many perspectives. The production engaged a range of audiences through a mash-up of classical and contemporary music and design. With a shared vision, we created unity in diversity, embraced the essence of inclusivity, and celebrated each element of an ensemble.

This year’s award winners

Madeline Strauss, Tessia Brown Show Stopper Award, $350 Midsummer Night’s dress

Catherine Findore, Most Creative, $250, Cityline crop top and skirt

Ike Cech, Best Ready-To-Wear $250, wool deck jacket

Maheen Quarishi, Fashion Show Leadership Award, $250

Honorable Mentions, $50 each

Neil Sekhorn, Vinyl White Dress
Jingjing Li  Tudor, Traveler White Dress

Jaquelina Rodrigues Ibarra (Re-Threads)
Carolyn Benforado (alumni, custom dressmaker)
Shelly Cornia (American Girl)
All of the award money from the show is raised through event ticket sales.
About Threads

The Threads Fashion Show is an annual celebration showcasing student work from the Textiles and Fashion Design Program in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This large-scale design and fashion event is produced with the collaborative participation of students across the campus. With music, lights, performance and runway, Threads seeks to engage the Madison community in the excitement and appreciation of contemporary design.

Questions? Reach out to us! Email, and follow the event on social media!

Additional videos from the 2017 event:

Above video credit: UW-Madison Arts Institute, Aaron Granat


The production was funded entirely by ticket sales, and the purchases will support the student learning experience next year.

Picture of Ensemble Poster, has shirts, and clothes on it.

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