Textiles and Design Certificate

Black Dress from Threads Fashion Show

The Certificate in Textiles and Design allows students from any major to gain a fundamental understanding of the creative and innovative application of textiles and visual design.  By nature, textiles are interdisciplinary, weaving together art, commerce, history, culture, technology, material culture, and science.  Students will develop artistic and technical skills valuable for both pursuing a professional career in the textile industry and nurturing personal creative interests.

The Certificate in Textiles and Design is an opportunity for students from a variety of disciplines to engage in an in-depth exploration of textiles.Studio courses cultivate a rich understanding of the physical and creative interaction of materials, techniques, and concepts: pattern, networks, woven structures, flexible materials, the interaction of multiples, tactility, color, and imagery.   Students have the opportunity to be creative in design studios, using both low-tech handmade techniques and complex high-tech computer-generated systems.Applications for the Textiles and Design Certificate will be accepted the first five weeks of the semester by completing the Online Major Application on the Applying to SoHE page.

The courses offered in this 12-credit certificate are broad and varied, allowing students to personalize course groupings to best enhance their major and area of interest.

Undergraduate Certificate in Textiles and Design (Minimum 12 credits)

CATEGORY 1: Science and Culture (Choose ONE course)

  • DS 251: Textile Science
  • DS 355: History of Fashion, 1400-Present
  • DS 430: History of Textiles
  • DS 561: Textile Specifications and End Use Analysis

CATEGORY 2: Studio (Choose ONE course)

Student Working in Studio

  • DS 101: Introduction to Textile Design
  • DS 153: Fabric and Apparel Structures I
  • DS 154: Processes for Apparel Design: Clothing Construction II
  • DS 215: Patternmaking for 3D Forms
  • DS 227: Textile Design: Printing and Dyeing I
  • DS 228: Textile Design: Structural Enrichment I
  • DS 229: Textile Design: Weaving I
  • DS 327: Textile Design: Manual/Computer Generated Imagery and Pattern
  • DS 427: Textile Design: Printing and Dyeing II
  • DS 429: Textile Design: Weaving II
  • DS 451: Color Theory and Technology
  • DS 518: Wearable Technology
  • DS 519: Collection Development
  • DS 527: Global Artisans
  • DS 528: Experimental Textile Design
  • DS 529: Building a Sustainable Creative Practice
  • DS 570: Design and Fashion Event Management

Choose additional courses from the list to reach 12 credits.