RCB Coursework & Careers

Explore the world of commerce and technology from a people-first perspective. As a RCB major you’ll learn to research, improve, and better understand the global customer experience with the support and guidance of SoHE faculty, a team of industry experts and researchers. Coursework integrates analytics and statistics with retailing, consumer science, and business courses.

SoHE’s RCB graduates work for diverse and rapidly growing retailing companies around the globe. Technology and management jobs have been in high demand for several years and are only expected to continue their rapid growth.


Types of Retailing and Consumer Behavior Careers:

Marketing managers
Product developers
Consumer insight specialists
Data analysts
Fashion marketers
Store operations
Merchandise curators
Inventory planners
Consumer advocates
Product sourcers
Consumer educators

Where Are They Now?

Below is a snapshot of the different positions and organizations RCB alumni have found employment with 1-3 years post-graduation.

Retailing & Consumer Behavior Alumni Careers – PDF