Badger$ense Peer Educators

Badger$ense Peer Educators are undergraduates from any major who have an interest in helping their fellow students learn personal finance concepts. They:

Most Badger$ense Peer Educators have taken Consumer Science 275, Introduction to Personal Finance, or Consumer Science 111 or 321, and they receive ongoing training to develop their facilitation, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Meet our current Badger$ense Peer Educators, request an appointment below for an individual consultation, or apply to be an Educator yourself.

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    Interested in expanding your own facilitation experience and financial know-how? Email Badger$ense Financial Life Skills Program Assistant Director Lindsay Peters to learn more and apply.

    Meet Our Current Badger$ense Peer Educators

    Badgersense Peer Educators Fall 2019
    Meet your Badger$ense Peer Educators!
    Arndt, AnnaSeniorRetailing and Consumer Behavior; Certificate in Digital Studies
    Devault, MeganSeniorPersonal Finance, Spanish
    Eslinger, AllySeniorPersonal Finance; Certificate in Business
    Euch, AndreaSeniorEconomics
    Friedlander, LaurenJuniorPersonal Finance
    Godfrey, ZackSeniorPersonal Finance, Social Welfare; Certificates in Business and Entrepreneurship
    Isenberger, JoshJuniorPersonal Finance
    Johnson, JarretSeniorPersonal Finance
    Johnson, MckaylaJuniorPersonal Finance
    Klaas, CarterSeniorPersonal Finance
    Larson, LeahJuniorRetailing and Consumer Behavior
    Lasoff, EmilySeniorRetailing and Consumer Behavior, Political Science
    Lyman, StephSeniorPersonal Finance
    McMahon, JoshJuniorPersonal Finance
    Meinke, DrewSeniorPersonal Finance
    Obligato, BridgetJuniorPersonal Finance
    Olson, KaitrynJuniorEconomics, Environmental Studies
    Pillard, AlexSeniorFinance
    Rhyan, MacKenzieSeniorPersonal Finance
    Roamer, MaddieSeniorPersonal Finance
    Schubert, SammyJuniorRetailing and Consumer Behavior
    Templeton, LizzySeniorPersonal Finance